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Kinghome provides a series of innovative stone care,stone polish,granite care,polishing,repair and cleaning products for the world more than 30 countries and regions from 1994. We are also the distributor of Rubbermaid,Italy Klindex in Chinese market. We are a long-term supplier and service provider of cleaning products for many landmark projects in the world,with a professional team for customer service, training and after - sales service. Kinghome have more than 2500 clients all over the world,includes resellers and end customers. We believe that Kinghome is your right supplier and partner for stone care products、cleaning and maintenance tools.


OEM/ODM Customization Service available here.
We are a Manufacturer.Our products can be Customized.


We research,design and produce with high level and great care for more than 15 years.

Marketing support

We provide and design catalogue,brochure,advertising display materials and so on for customer marketing.

Technical support

We provide stone care,stone polish,granite care solution and training course, on-site guidance and demo for customer team.


The expert of stone care products

Floor care chemicals

Green shield - Bright non-slip Liquid Marble/ Terrazzo / Travertine polishing

Blue shield - Mirror shine stone tile granite polishing agent

Golden shield - Granite/Marble/Porcelain tile environmental water based stone enhancer stone care​​​​​​​

All Purpose Polish Paste - Universal all purpose tile stone polishing paste

Swift Deep Floor Cleanse - ceramic tile polishing& stone floor deep cleaning compound

RV-81 Marble Polish Powder - Super shine marble stone polishing powder

Floor care machines

Powerful and stable stone floor grinding/polishing machine

Double running direction granite floor grinding machine floor polishing machine

Weighted eccentric stone renovation machine marble floor crystal surface machine ground waxing machine stone stair maintenance

Multifunctional floor stair brushing machine crystal surface polishing machine mall carpet cleaning machine hospital stone floor

Marble Granite Stonehigh high speed polishing machine

Marble Granite Stonehigh high speed polishing machine

Italy Klindex

Powerful and stable stone floor grinding and polishing machine

UFO counter top grinding and polishing machine for stone

Expander 750 planetary concrete and granite floor grinder klindex stone care machine

Vertika Wall and vertical surface grinding and polishing machine stone

Waterfire new edge and corner hand polisher klindex kroma machine

Supervak 71/72 self-cleaning wet and dry vacuum cleaner klindex stone care machine

Floor care tools

Hot Sale Marble Granite Dry diamond polishing pads for stone

Diamond polishing pads for stone | Hot Sale Revontulet Wall dry grinding Polishing Pads

High Gloss Wet Diamond Granite Floor Grinding Pad granite diamond pad

Concrete resin dry diamond floor polishing pads | diamond polishing pads for stone

Grinding disc 4-inch 100mm diamond soft grinding disc Dongsing

11 mm concrete ground dry grinding plate 12 head grinder resin grinding plate wear-resistant grinding plate


Static dust collecting agent - Oil - based anti static dust cleaners stone care cleaner

Fast Strlpper - High efficient floor polishing wax stripper

All-purpose Glue Remover for stone flooring stone care stain remover

High-speed polishing wax

1 Gallon Cleaner Chemical Product Stain Remover Liquid Detergent Keep Solar Photovoltaic Panel Stain Remover

Safe Mild Alkaline Scale Remover Cleaner Liquid Detergent

Rubbermaid product


Rubbermaid Commercial FG263200 vented BRUTE container Rubbish bin 2 buyers

Stone care solutions

Kinghome provides a series of innovative solutions of floor cleaning,polishing and restoration for more than 30 countries and regions.

Stone care solutions


Before After

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Stone care solutions


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Stone care solutions


Before After

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Stone care solutions

Serpeggiante care  Solutions

  In life applications, it is found that serpeggiante is more prone to the following major

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Stone care solutions

Artificial stone

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Stone care solutions

Polished tile daily maintenance and renovation

  Deep cleaning care The polished tile floor where people often walk will produce shallow

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Kinghome Environmental Technology Co.,Ltd  founded in 1994 which is a kind of rigid surface solution supplier. Kinghome provides a series of innovative stone care,stone polish,granite care,polishing, repair and cleaning products solution for the world more than 30 countries and regions.
Kinghome is professional in stone care, stone machine and cleaning products. The brand including "Crystal shield",”Revontulet”, ”Klindex” and “Rubbermaid”. Kinghome takes advantages of technology innovation and quality control and environmental protection, has been widely praised in stone care field.
Kinghome is still working very hard with the development of stone care industrial, to bring more advanced teachnology and product..More