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Serpeggiante care  Solutions

Serpeggiante care  Solutions

In life applications, it is found that serpeggiante is more prone to the following major problems than other kinds of natural stones.
1. Not easy to Polish
During the polishing of serpeggiante, due to the high water absorption, a considerable part of the materials such as crystallizer and powder quickly infiltrate into the stone, unable to produce crystallization and affect the final result.
2. It is easy to change color.
The used serpeggiante, the color will change from light to dark and from dark to yellow.

Due to its high water absorption rate, it is easy to absorb water during use and maintenance.
As time goes by, it will lead to various unpredictable changes in color.
On the other hand, for marble and granite with low water absorption rate, the color change caused by similar reasons is much more slight than that of marble with high water absorption rate.
3. Problems such as pollution, discoloration and blackening are easy to occur at the joint of serpeggiante.
The water absorption is high, which also represents the microporous structure of serpeggiante and has strong adsorption capacity. Marble glue, glue oil and pigment in joint sealant are also easily absorbed by the serpeggiante, leaving traces in the gaps.
4. Efflorescence problem
Serpeggiante is easy to absorb water and reacts with the components in the cement at the bottom, resulting in efflorescence.
5. Easy to pollute
The structure of serpeggiante is relatively loose, with high water absorption and strong ability to absorb pollution. In daily use, it is easy to produce pollution under the joint action of various substances such as foot dust, sewage, juice drinks, coffee milk and tea.
Therefore, the root of all problems is its high water absorption

For these problems of soft stone,we have launched “Revontulet dry grinding system” these years, to reduce the use of water on stones with high water absorption. In combination with Stone hardener, it can effectively inhibit efflorescence spreading, help to seal the pores of stones and cover the dark cracks.
It is easy to operate. While grinding, it can deeply clean the stone micropores, form a bright and wear-resistant protective film, and quickly achieve a high-quality project.

Revontulet Dry Grinding System
Method of application:
1.Use 50# dry diamond pad dry grinding the floor (If you want less dust, dilute GT1000 stone grinding fluid with water 13-15 times and wet grinding with 50#).
2. After drying the floor, dry grinding with 100#.
3. Clean up the dust, use flat mop to paint the stone hardener(Apply a thin of layer), after drying, use 200# dry diamond pad dry grinding the floor.
4.Clean up the dust, use flat mop to paint the stone hardener(Apply a thin of layer), after drying, use 400# dry diamond pad dry grinding the floor.
5. Use 800# dry grinding the floor.
1.50# dry diamond pad is available for dry or wet grinding.If wet grinding,please apply with GT1000 stone grinding fluid, the rotate speed is between 350-400 rpm.
2. When painting the stone hardener, pay attention about the dosage, do not paint too much. Grinding the floor after the stone hardener layer become dry.
When grinding with 100# and 200#,the rotate speed can adjust to 550rpm.
When grinding with 400# and 800#,the rotate speed can adjust to 1500rpm.

Mirror Polishing
1. Clean up the dust
2. Use Green shield with 3M white pad to polish the floor 1 time.
3. Use Green shield with 0# or 1# to polish the floor 1-2 time.
Consumables: Revontulet dry grinding pad, 2 in 1 stone hardener, MR or green shield, Crystallization machine