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The 2024 Xiamen Stone Fair concluded

The 2024 Xiamen Stone Fair concluded

The 2024 Xiamen International Stone Fair not only attracted stone industry professionals from around the world with an unprecedented scale but also provided special significance to this new landmark. In this busy spring, designers from all over China and even the world flock to Xiamen for this top-notch Stone + Design event.

This fair brings top brands and professionals together from the domestic and international stone industry to explore the beauty of stone, showcase craftsmanship, and convey design inspiration. Exploring the origin of stone, savoring the beauty of nature, the exhibition features a dazzling array of stone artworks to let you experience the beauty of nature, with each stone carrying a unique story and soul.

As a stone maintenance professional, Kinghome is committed to preserving and maintaining the beauty and value of stone, providing customers with high-quality services while protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development, thus driving the healthy development of the industry and social progress.

The eagerly anticipated face-to-face meetings during this event did not disappoint. With more than 120 countries and regions represented by professional buyers and visitors, the crowd grew steadily, and the "face-to-face" exchanges continued to expand, revealing stunning moments.


People from around the world gather here to discuss new opportunities, rejuvenating the circle of friends in the stone industry.

The 24th China Xiamen International Stone Fair, which lasted for four days, concluded successfully on the 19th March 2024, with a perfect ending and abundant harvest.

With the broad stage of the Xiamen International Stone Fair, Kinghome innovates in the field of stone maintenance while continuously gaining like-minded new partners, further enhancing the brand's influence.

In the future, we will continue to launch outstanding products, provide excellent services, and bring better product integration solutions to vast field of stone maintenance.