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Interclean amsterdam 2024

Interclean amsterdam 2024

From May 14th to 17th, 2024, the Amsterdam International Exhibition Center in the Netherlands will hold the Amsterdam Cleaning Exhibition. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth 05.635 to experience the latest technologies, products, and industry information in the world of cleaning together! This exhibition has the opportunity to have in-depth exchanges with over 30000 international professional visitors from over 130 countries, jointly explore the latest development trends and cooperation opportunities in the cleaning industry, and broaden our horizons and seek cooperation in a strong international atmosphere!
INTERCLEAR CHINA 2024 will create a global supply chain collaboration platform for the cleaning industry. Mutual exchange and cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises to achieve complementary resource advantages and jointly promote the sustainable development of the cleaning industry. Through cross-border cooperation, sharing advanced technology, experience, and resources, achieving win-win cooperation.

This exhibition has attracted numerous well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to participate, showcasing the highest level of products and technologies representing the world's cleaning industry. Jinjinghong will continue to be committed to leading the evelopment of global stone care, bringing more advanced technologies and products to partners, creating more opportunities, and achieving value and dreams!


At the exhibition, we presented our latest developed stone maintenance products and machines, showcasing our relentless pursuit and innovation in stone maintenance technology. Whether it is marble, granite, or other types of stone, our products can provide comprehensive maintenance and cleaning, extend their service life, and maintain their original luster.

We introduced our product features and technological advantages to customers from various countries, and also listened to their needs and expectations in the field of stone maintenance. Through communication, we have gained a deeper understanding of the demand trends in the international market and provided valuable references for future product research and market expansion.