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Polished tile daily maintenance and renovation

Polished tile daily maintenance and renovation

Deep cleaning care
The polished tile floor where people often walk will produce shallow scratches and surface fading and pollution caused by mechanical wear, which will lose the high-end decorative effect, especially in the high-end commercial plaza.
Deep cleaning and care 
is necessary.

Method of application:
1. Use Swift deep floor cleaner (weak alkaline cleaning agent, which will not damage the floor) with crystallization machine    and  red pad to clean the polished tile  floor.
2. Then wash the floor thoroughly, absorb and dry it with the full-automatic scrubber.
3.Spray Blue Shield on the floor(5-10ml/),cooperate with 3M white pad and crystallization machine.
4.Rub the floor dry evenly, it takes about 1-2 minutes. Which causes to produce strong crystal protective film on the surface at once.
5.Clean up the floor if have dust, repeat step 3 with Blue Shield, which can make the layer of Blue Shield tenser, stronger and brighter.
6.If the first time to apply Blue Shield, it needs to do 2-3 processes normally.As result,the floor looks brighter.7.Clean the floor with dust mop and the operation is complete. Maintenance in the future, just apply 1 process of Blue Shield.

The production of polished tile is a bright surface formed by high-speed grinding. The intact tile surface also leaves unseen closed capillary holes. When the traffic is very large, the polished tile floor will cause serious scratches and surface fading and pollution, and lose the high-end decorative effect, especially at the entrance and exit of shopping malls and main passages. If the tiles have been extremely stained and want to be restored as new, grinding and refurbishment are required.

Method of application:
1.Renovate the polished tile floor by using the weighted crystallization machine with 500# soft grinding pad;
If the floor is corroded by strong acid or worn severely, it needs to renovate from 150 # or 300 # with soft grinding pad.
2. Absorb the mud and sewage from grinding.
3. Continue to use 1000 # and 2000 # soft grinding pad to renovate the polished tile and absorb the mud and sewage from grinding.
4. Clean, absorb and air dry the floor.
5. Use Blue Shield to polish the polished tile floor for 2-3 processes.