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Wood Foor Wax

Wood Foor Wax
Wood Foor Wax
  • Wood Foor Wax
  • Wood Foor Wax
  • Wood Foor Wax

Wood Foor Wax

Brand: ecoclean

Name: Wood Foor Wax

Weight: 1Gallon

Package specification: 4 cans / box

Applicable stone materials:Wooden flooring and furniture

Product Details


Product introduction

Rich in high-quality natural wax and special resin, simple construction, easy maintenance, moisture-proof, dust-proof, wear-resistant and anti slip effect, long-term use does not change color. Can keep the original color of wood floor.


Range of application:

Wooden flooring and furniture

Method of application:
1.Clean the surface dust, stains the old   wax and stay dry ground, besmear first bottom wax 1-2 times.
2.With the wax directly applied to ground 2-3 times and to be dry ground. Such as the polishing effect is better.
3.Maintenance wax available led electrostatic dust agent or neutral detergent to clean and dry.
floor polishing wax

Q: Are u the manufacturer ?
A: Yes of course, we are the manufacturer of stone care products for more than 10 years ! we welcome clients to visit our training room and factory at any time.

Q:Can we apply the chemical on granite, marble,ceramic tile, artificial stone?
A:Yes of course, 1 kind of product can apply on polishing all kinds of stone and ceramic tile and artificial stone.

Q: How long your product's warranty ?
A: 2 years warranty if without opening.

Q: What is your MOQ ?
A: Without limited MOQ. If the quantity is large, the price can be more favorable.

Q: What is your packaging ?
A: Our regular packaging is 1 gallon/can,4gallons/carton. We have 1L,4L,5L and so on for clients choice. We can customize the packaging for clients according to their requirements.

Q: What is your payment method ?
A: 100% Or 50% T/T advance, the balance should be pay off before shipment.

Q: What is your delivery time ?
A: 3~10 days ( according to the total quantity)