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What should I do if the stone polishing machine fails in daily use?

What should I do if the stone polishing machine fails in daily use?

In the process of using the stone polishing machine, we must pay attention to the behaviors that are harmful to the stone polishing machine. At the same time, in order to ensure the service life of the stone polishing machine and prevent the use efficiency from being damaged, it must be checked regularly. Be sure to pay attention to the following points.

1. When using a stone polishing machine, you must pay attention to whether the operation of the polishing machine is standardized, and you cannot operate the polishing machine blindly, which can easily cause damage to the polishing machine.

2. When using a stone polishing machine, avoid overloading the polishing machine, because this will directly affect the service life and work efficiency of the stone polishing machine. In addition, if the polishing machine fails, it should be stopped immediately and inspected.

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3. When using a stone polishing machine, the grinding surfaces of the sample and the polishing disc should be relatively parallel, and symmetrically and lightly pressed on the polishing disc to prevent the sample from flying out and new wear marks due to excessive pressure. At the same time, the sample must be made to move back and forth along the radius of the turntable to prevent local wear of the polished object. During the polishing process, polishing liquid or other polishing aids need to be continuously added to ensure that the polished object is connected to the moving humidity.

4. Excessive humidity will weaken the wear scar effect of polishing, so that the hard phase in the sample will be embossed. The non-metallic mixture in the steel and the graphite in the cast iron are compatible, and there are signs of "tailing"; When it is too small, friction will generate heat. When the sample is heated, its moisturizing effect will be reduced, the worn surface will lose luster, and black spots may even appear.