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What is the working principle of stone polishing machine? What are the influencing factors?

What is the working principle of stone polishing machine? What are the influencing factors?

Introduction to the working principle of stone polishing machine

Particle grinding: When the abrasive grains are grinded from coarse to fine, the whitening marks on the stone surface are smooth, smooth and delicate. When the depth reaches 110 microns, the processed surface will appear mirror-like and dazzling.

Physical and chemical principles: There are two polishing processes, namely "dry polishing" and "wet polishing". When the stone product has physical and chemical effects between "dry" and "wet", dry polishing refers to the evaporation of water when the surface temperature of the stone rises, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the polished stone, thereby achieving a strengthening effect. The gloss of the product began to meet the ideal requirements, and the gloss reached 85 degrees or more.

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Influencing factors of stone polishing machine:

Polishing agent type: Although polishing agent is a special polishing material, the main difference between polishing agent and abrasive material lies in the processing mechanism. In principle, some fine powder materials with lower hardness can also be used as polishing agents. However, high-hardness polishing agents are generally better than low-hardness polishing agents and are widely used.

Polishing fluid: Water is a common polishing fluid. It can not only play a role in grinding and cooling, but also as a medium for physical and chemical effects in the polishing process. If the stone is polished mainly by mechanical grinding, such as diamond powder, oily organic liquid is generally used as the polishing liquid, such as sewing machine oil. Its cooling, lubricating and dispersing effects are good. Diamond paste, whether it is water or oil, can also be added with coloring agents.

Polishing plate: Smooth stone panel with flat specifications, which is a performance of stone surface polishing. Hard disks made of metal materials are often used as polishing discs. The polished surface polished with a floppy disk is easy to yield into a concave surface when the stone is pressed, which is suitable for curved surface polishing. The medium hard disk has good abrasion resistance, good adsorption, a certain degree of elasticity, and has a good polishing effect on flat stone.