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What is the principle of Stone polishing?

What is the principle of Stone polishing?

           Stone polishing is actually to put the polishing stone on the processed product, and then use the mechanical equipment to quickly run, so as to achieve dry polishing, wet polishing, in order to achieve the polishing effect.

           The polishing principle is generally reflected in two aspects, namely the principle of particle grinding and the principle of physical chemistry.

           Particle grinding, that is, when the abrasive particles are coarse to fine and polished, the traces of abrasive grinding on the stone surface are from coarse to fine to no traces seen by the naked eye, then the surface will appear smooth, smooth and delicate When the depth reaches 110 microns, then the processed surface will appear specular gloss.

stone polishing
           Stone polishing particle grinding is generally composed of the following procedures, rough grinding, which requires the tool to eat a deep knife, high grinding efficiency, and rough grinding lines, so that the surface is relatively rough.

            For semi-fine grinding, it is necessary to remove the rough grinding traces to form new finer lines, and the processed surface of the product is smooth and smooth;

            Fine grinding, the pattern, particles and color of the product after the fine grinding have been clearly displayed, the surface is delicate and smooth, and it starts to have a weak glossiness;

             After fine grinding, the processed product has no visible traces, the surface is getting smoother, and the gloss is about 40 ~ 50 degrees Polished, the surface is as bright as a mirror, with a certain mirror gloss.