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What factors affect the work efficiency of stone polishing machine?

What factors affect the work efficiency of stone polishing machine?

Stone polishing machine is a kind of equipment that uses mechanical equipment to run quickly to achieve the polishing effect. The following briefly introduces the factors that affect the efficiency of the stone polishing machine.

1. Polishing agent type: Although polishing agent is a special polishing material, the main difference between polishing agent and abrasive material lies in the processing mechanism. In principle, some low-hardness micropowder materials can also be used as polishing agents. However, high-hardness polishing agents are generally better than low-hardness polishing agents and are widely used.

2. Polishing liquid: Water is a common polishing liquid. It can not only play the role of grinding and cooling, but also can be used as a physical and chemical medium in the polishing process of a stone polishing machine. If the stone is polished mechanically, it is mainly like diamond powder. The polishing liquid generally uses a better oil Class organic liquids, such as sewing machine oil. Its cooling, lubricating and dispersing effects. Diamond abrasive paste, water quality and oily, coloring agent can also be added.

3. Polishing plate: smooth stone panel of flat specification, which is a kind of performance of stone surface polishing. Hard disks made of metal materials are often used as polishing discs. The polished surface of the floppy disk is easy to yield into a concave surface when the stone is pressed, which is suitable for curved surface polishing. The medium hard disk has good wear resistance and adsorption, and has a certain degree of elasticity, and the polishing effect of flat stone is also very good.

When purchasing, use a stone polishing machine to test and inspect the product on site to see how to use it. If it is qualified and satisfied, choose this product. The stone polishing machine is a portable electric tool with double insulation structure. The manual polishing machine is driven by a single-phase series motor, and the protection line speed is 80m/s. Stone polishing machine is widely used in machinery and transportation industry, chemical industry, construction, metallurgy, electric power and other sectors. Stone polishing machine is an important process for removing oil stains, rust and surface oxides, and then polishing and painting steel or steel equipment.