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What are the methods and advantages of ceramic tile polishing?

What are the methods and advantages of ceramic tile polishing?

           Tiles are a relatively common building material in decoration, but because they are made of porcelain, the damage rate is relatively high. We need to maintain and care for the tiles during use. Learn to take care of your home and make the tiles in your home look new.

           1. Ceramic tile polishing requires selection of materials. Generally speaking, tile polishing and waxing requires selection of materials. Tile waxes available in the market are available in white, light yellow, and other colors. The selection needs to be based on the color of the floor. Choose shades. When using, use the burned candle head to cut and remove the wick, then add the same amount of turpentine, boil it with water, so that the candle melts and stirs into a shoe polish. It can be used in local wax, but it needs to be slightly heated during use.

            Tile waxing and dust removal, you first need to use a steel wool pad on the wax brush to move forward and backward along the texture of the tile, and then rub it vigorously, so that waste, stains and dirt can be thoroughly cleaned, and then the floor is wiped with a slightly mop. Can be waxed.

             Tile waxing method. First of all, wax needs to be applied every 1 or 2 months. These dosages can be reduced in order. The first waxing is slightly more. Each 30 square meters of tile can be polished with about 300 grams of tile wax. When waxing, evenly modify the surface of the tile to allow it to penetrate. After gently rubbing the wax, you can fully absorb the tile. After it is completely dry, wipe it back and forth with a dry soft cloth until it is smooth and translucent.