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Related polishing knowledge of stone polishing wax

Related polishing knowledge of stone polishing wax

Stone polishing wax can be used in many places, such as stone polishing and floor polishing. The hardness of polishing wax is generally higher than the hardness and toughness of the material surface.

Therefore, they generally have good heat resistance and thermal stability. Also, because the polishing material rotates and rubs at high speed during the polishing process, the related temperature will rise sharply. The polishing temperature is 120-500 degrees. Then the hardness and toughness will be easily reduced, the impact of the polishing effect.

Stone polishing wax
Therefore, the polishing material must have good stability. The good stability of the polishing material is beneficial to the polishing wax without any chemical reaction with the polishing surface at the working temperature.

Stone polishing wax also has a shelf life, so it must be used within the shelf life of the polishing wax, so as to ensure the polishing quality of the product and avoid unnecessary problems in the polishing process.