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How to remove the residual wax after stone polishing wax

How to remove the residual wax after stone polishing wax

The product has been polished with stone polishing wax. How to clean the residual wax? Most of the dirt components on the surface of the product are generally paraffin, fatty acid, rosin soap, metal oxides, abrasives and mineral oil, natural wax and some grinding cloth fragments, grinding powder and oxides of the metal matrix.

On the polished workpiece, wax dirt generally adheres to the workpiece by mechanical adsorption, intermolecular adsorption and electrostatic adsorption. But the particle diameter of these wax scales is generally less than 0.1um, which is difficult to remove.

This problem can only be solved by cleaning with stone polishing wax. The key of stone polishing wax is to use various surfactants, additives, corrosion inhibitors, cosolvents and other ingredients for reasonable compounding. By reducing the surface tension, improving the wetting and penetrating properties and emulsifying, dissolving, dispersing and solubilizing properties, thereby enhancing the penetrating power and dissolving power of the product, and cleaning the product to achieve the purpose of quickly removing wax scale.

Stone polishing wax generally has a variety of formulas. This can be selected according to your product material and cleaning requirements. The raw materials for wax removal are suitable for various industrial cleaning. It can be cleaned at medium and high temperatures. Use an ultrasonic cleaning machine with a wax removal formula The cleaning effect is better.