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How to make floor polishing wax achieve the best polishing effect

How to make floor polishing wax achieve the best polishing effect

How to make the floor polishing wax get the best polishing effect during the polishing process? The following briefly describes the use of polishing wax.

Floor polishing wax must be used with the polishing wheel to achieve the polishing effect. Polishing wax grinding is a processing method that uses abrasives or abrasive tools to remove materials. Abrasives and abrasive tools are grinding tools. Grinding includes various process methods of fixed abrasive tools, coated abrasive tools, and free abrasives.

In terms of manufacturing process method classification, grinding is a general term. As the current quality of human life has generally improved, the development and manufacturing of multifunctional, high-precision, high-quality, and highly automated technology and equipment required by various sectors of the national economy has promoted the development of advanced manufacturing technology.

If the polishing wax wants to get the best polishing effect, you must choose the correct polishing wax. The polishing process is divided into three steps: rough polishing, medium polishing and fine polishing. Polishing wax is called polishing wax, polishing paste, etc. It is in trapezoidal block shape and has several colors such as yellow, purple, green and white. Different colors represent polishing wax for different purposes.

1. The polishing wax for rough polishing should be yellow or black. Black polishing wax is also called black wax, and polishing wax of this color is also called sand wax. The main material is quartz powder. When used with cloth grinding wheels, it can play a role in lubricating sand and a certain degree of grinding, and has the effect of deburring and sanding.

2. For medium polishing, purple wax is used with the hemp wheel. Purple wax is made of brown corundum powder with strong cutting ability. It can quickly remove the residual sand marks during rough polishing, and can deeply remove the sand holes on the surface of the workpiece. Play a leveling role.

3. Fine polishing is the last process of polishing, and it is also the most important part when the product achieves high gloss or mirror effect. White wax and green wax (green wax is called green wax in the market) are both fine polishing wax. The difference between the two is that after polishing with white wax, the surface of the workpiece will have a white gloss effect, while green wax can Achieve cyan light effect.

Choosing the color classification of polishing wax depends on your product polishing requirements. For rough polishing, choose yellow wax or black wax; for medium polishing, choose purple wax; for fine polishing, choose green wax, green wax, and white wax. For more demanding ones, choose small pewter.