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How to identify good marble wax?

How to identify good marble wax?

Recognized marble wax generally needs to select the fine powder from the perspective of cutting force, basically from the crystalline state. When making a selection, it is necessary to carefully identify the polishing effect.

If the gloss effect of marble wax is insufficient, it may be due to the improper treatment of the grease and micro-powder matrix, so that when the polishing process is instantaneously high temperature, it will sublimate to form a residue and adhere to the workpiece surface. When the workpiece refracts light, it will also form a matt due to the diffuse reflection of grease residues. After cleaning with dewaxing water, there will be no polishing or mirror effect after grinding.

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Then there is the need to test the hardness of the micro-wheel particles. At present, many manufacturers' research on marble wax is still at the initial stage, and its products are still mostly soft and broken. The reason for this phenomenon is generally due to the ultra-high temperature heating method when the fat is mixed with the fine powder, which promotes the expansion of the fat molecule. After cooling and solidification, the oil molecule will also increase due to the increase of the fat molecule. The tightness with the fine powder particles is relatively low.

Generally speaking, true high-quality polishing wax does not show any gloss, but only restores the color of the material itself. Under the effect of excellent mirror surface, because of the smoothness of the polished surface, it will form a strong light reflection to form a dark cold light, and the reflection at any angle is the same.