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How to deal with the problems that arise when using a stone polishing machine.

How to deal with the problems that arise when using a stone polishing machine.

First, the polishing wheel of the stone polishing machine.

The polishing wheel of the stone polishing machine plays a very important role in the whole polishing process. Because in the process of surface treatment, it is needed to complete the surface treatment. Such as grinding, peeling, deburring, polishing and other processes. However, due to its great importance, the problems have become more prominent one after another.

1. Choose different polishing wheels according to different polishing materials, and use different polishing wheels for different metals. For copper, super hard polishing wheels cannot be used, because copper is relatively soft, while polishing wheels are harder and easily deformed.

2. The stone polishing machine chooses the polishing wheel according to the polishing requirements. As mentioned above, different levels of polishing are required, such as grinding, sanding, mirror polishing, and so on. Abrasive belts and 1000 impellers are usually used for grinding, but in some cases, sponges and hemp wheels can also be used. The frosting effect adopts hemp rope wheel, hemp wheel, 1000 silk wheel and so on. Cloth wheels are generally used for stainless steel with mirror effect, and pearl cloth wheels can be used for soft ones.

Second, the polishing wax used by the stone polishing machine.

If you use a polishing wheel to dry the product, it will only damage the product. Therefore, it is necessary to apply chemical polishing wax on the polishing wheel while polishing. The use of polishing usually depends on the polishing effect and the material of the polishing product. In the polishing process, white wax is usually used for stainless steel, yellow or red wax is used for zinc alloy and aluminum alloy, and purple or blue wax can be applied to 304 stainless steel. For fine polishing, green wax is usually chosen, but if more is needed, white wax is used.

Third, the fixture problem.

In the process of using stone polishing machine, we often encounter the problem of product fixation. There are many products in the polishing industry. In addition to commonly used conventional products such as pipes, square tubes, and flat plates, there are also standard mechanical polishing. When producing some non-standard products or small products, it needs to be fixed and then polished. The device for fixing the product is called the fixing device in the polishing device. Usually fixed on the workbench of the machine, it mainly includes vacuum cleaner fixture, electromagnetic vacuum cleaner fixture and general fixture. In the polishing process of irregular products, if no fixture is installed, it may cause the phenomenon of loose materials, which is strictly prohibited during the production of stone polishing machines. How to customize a suitable fixture will seriously affect the efficiency of polishing. For example, when a flat polishing machine is used for small flat products, a fixing device needs to be installed on the worktable of the flat polishing machine. Generally speaking, vacuum cleaners can be used for aircraft products, while electromagnetic cleaners can be used for iron products. However, jig manufacturing usually requires custom polished product shapes. In the process of stone polishing machine design, it is necessary to coordinate as much as possible to ensure that the fixture is suitable for the machine and product.