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How to clean Disposable Face Masks before reuse?

How to clean Disposable Face Masks before reuse?

With the rapid development of society, air pollution has become more and more serious. People wear masks when they travel to block dust, bacteria, and dust in the pores, thereby protecting people's health. Although wearing masks often can be very uncomfortable, there are some occasions where you must wear Disposable Face Masks because we have to cooperate with our work and wear masks. Although most people like to use Disposable Face Masks, many people don't know how to clean masks. The following briefly introduces how to clean Disposable Face Masks.

If the disposable mask is moistened by exhaled heat or saliva, the effect of blocking germs will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is usually necessary to prepare a few more masks to facilitate replacement and use, and to change and wash once daily. When washing, use boiling water for 5 minutes.

Disposable Face Mask

Specific methods for cleaning Disposable Face Masks:

1. Cleaning. First rub the gauze mask gently with warm water and soap, while the bowl-shaped mask can be gently cleaned with a soft brush dipped in detergent. Then wash it with clean water. It should be noted that do not rub hard, because if the warp and weft gap of the gauze is too large, it will lose its anti-dropping effect.

2. Disinfection. Soak the cleaned mask in 2% peracetic acid solution for 30 minutes or boil it in boiling water for 20 minutes or steam it in a steamer for 15 minutes, and then dry it for later use. This method is suitable for gauze masks and bowl-shaped masks.

3. Check. Before using the mask again, you should carefully check whether the mask and face shield are still in good condition. Both gauze masks and face masks can be inspected by light transmission, that is, take the mask to the light and check whether there are obvious light spots, whether the light transmittance of the middle part and the edge part are the same, if in doubt, replace with a new one .