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How does the stone polishing machine remove sand marks?

How does the stone polishing machine remove sand marks?

After long-term use of the stone polishing machine, blisters will appear. This is because the machine has been damaged during operation. In order for the equipment to operate normally, trachoma needs to be removed in time. When choosing a stone polishing machine, please consider its torque and speed.

The stone polishing machine is a processing machine. When used for a long time, wear and tear will inevitably occur. The following briefly describes how to remove sand marks:

1. When adjusting the pressure mill, do not press hard, but adjust slightly to prevent the sand in the 180 belt from being forced to fall and foam.

2. Before using the stone polishing machine, please use a feeler gauge to adjust the cutting volume of each polishing.

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3. Check the abrasive belt to see if there is damage or blistering on the workpiece. If it is damaged, you need to replace a new belt. The use time of the abrasive belt is 2 hours and should be replaced in time.

4. After adjusting the stone polishing machine or replacing the sanding belt, there are sand marks, which should be adjusted and polished repeatedly.

5. If you need to use coarse sanding belt or sandblasting belt, please stop collecting dust for about 4 hours.

6. Ensure that the stone polishing machine can be used frequently, its bottom is not blocked, and the entrance door cannot be adjusted at will, thereby reducing the sand and stone cleaning effect.

The deburring, finishing and polishing of a stone polishing machine are different processes. Deburring refers to the removal and completion of surrounding residues after forging, that is, whether the surface of the product is smooth. The stone polishing machine is equivalent to finishing the work, that is, polishing and brightening the object to increase the "face value". Powder metallurgy is an industrial technology in which metal powder or metal powder is used as raw material to form metal materials, composite materials and typical products of various materials after molding and sintering. Powder metallurgy materials have wear resistance, heat resistance and other characteristics, and will gradually replace some traditional metal materials and become advanced composite materials used in the electronics industry and other fields. Stone polishing machine is often used for powder metallurgy materials to achieve a bright appearance through mirror polishing.