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Floor cleaning tips

Floor cleaning tips

Floor cleaning tips
In home cleaning, the floor is a relatively troublesome part, especially some families have carpets, and different textures require different methods. Here are some points to pay attention to when cleaning, so that the housewives can easily complete the tiring cleaning work.

1. Remove foreign objects and dust

Regardless of the material of the floor, pick up toys, buttons and other foreign objects before cleaning, and then use a broom/vacuum/dust paper mop to remove dust, hair, and spider webs on the surface of the floor, under the furniture, and corners. Especially the entrances and gates leading to the outside of the house, because most of the dirt and dust come from here.

2. General floor cleaning and maintenance

According to the floor material, choose a suitable floor cleaner. Before use, pour an appropriate amount of floor cleaner into the bucket to dilute according to the degree of soiling, and then use a mop to mop the floor from the room to the door. If it is a corner or floor joints and other places that are not easy to clean, you can use an old toothbrush to directly dip the floor cleaner to scrub the hard-to-clean stubborn dirt, or you can directly pour the floor cleaner on the rag, wipe it, and then rinse with water. can. However, some floor cleaners have a higher concentration of surfactants. After mopping, the semi-wet floor is more likely to be contaminated with dust, and the result is getting more and more dirty. Therefore, you must pay special attention to choosing products with good reputation.

If you want to make the grindstone or marble floor have a shiny effect after cleaning, you may wish to use a floor cleaning polish with a water wax formula, and just leave it to air dry after use.

3. Wooden floor cleaning and maintenance

Do not wipe directly with a wet mop. Use a special cleaner for wooden floors to clean the floor to keep the original warm texture and natural color, and prevent the wood from cracking. Note that in order to prevent excessive moisture from penetrating into the inner layer of the wooden floor, causing mold and rot, you should wring the mop dry as much as possible when using floor cleaners. If the surface has not been polished and should not be exposed to water, it is best to try it in an inconspicuous place, and then use it on a large area after confirming that there is no problem.

If you want to avoid long-term trampling and wear on the floor, and keep it shiny, you can apply a layer of wooden floor wax care agent after the floor is cleaned. But be careful, be sure to wait until the floor is completely air-dried before waxing, so that the wax layer can not be completely attached to the wooden floor, but the floor will appear a little bit of white spots. And it is best to use a flat sponge mop to prevent the lint of the general mop from remaining on the floor with the agent.

4. Carpet cleaning and maintenance

Even if the carpet is often cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, it will easily hide dirt or floor lice due to long-term stepping, liquid splashing and humid weather. At this time, it can be cleaned and maintained with a carpet cleaner. Before use, it is best to open the window first to avoid the smell of detergent staying in the house.

Basically, it is very convenient to use carpet cleaner, as long as the cleaner is sprayed on the surface of the carpet. But don't get too wet, so as not to wet the backing, the carpet is difficult to dry and easy to fade. After the dirt is separated from the surface of the carpet, a little bit of white cotton will appear on the carpet. Then use a general vacuum cleaner to remove the separated matter, no need to clean with water.

5. Laminate floor cleaning

The way to maintain laminate flooring is very simple. Usually, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to clean the surface of the dust, and then use a rag or mop that is soaked and wrung until it does not drip. After mopping the floor, it is best to open the doors and windows to allow air to circulate and dry the floor as soon as possible.

If the wear-resistant layer of composite wood floor is damaged, the moisture-proof function and brightness of the floor will be affected. Therefore, when walking on the floor, you should wear cloth slippers as much as possible, preferably barefoot. Put soft protective pads on the feet of the furniture to prevent the feet of the furniture from scratching the wear-resistant layer of the floor, and don't let heavy objects damage the wear-resistant layer. Do not use sandpaper, sanders, steel brushes, strong decontamination powder or metal tools to clean composite wood floors. If you have cats in your home, you must find a way to solve the cat's claw damage.

Tips for cleaning light-colored composite wood floors: Use a rag to dip the rice-washing water and wipe directly on the floor, or spray the rice-washing water evenly on the wooden floor (not too much), wipe with a dry cloth for 5 minutes, the floor will be clean a lot of.

Special stain cleaning: oil stains, paint, ink can be wiped with special scouring oil; blood stains, juice, red wine, beer and other residues should be wiped with a damp cloth or a cloth dipped in an appropriate amount of floor cleaner; wax and chewing gum, with ice cubes Put it on it for a while, let it freeze and shrink, then gently scrape it up, and then wipe it with a damp cloth or a suitable amount of floor cleaner.

Do not use strong acid-base liquids to clean composite wood floors.