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Common materials and methods for stone restoration

Common materials and methods for stone restoration

In fact, people have been working hard to explore some good methods and materials to stone restoration and make up for some common defects of stone to improve the overall quality and effect of stone. The main stone restoration methods are as follows:

1. Coating

Waxing treatment on the stone surface is the earliest application and the lowest cost, and it is also the most commonly used method by some stone manufacturers to obtain better gloss and surface effect. It can conceal some small cracks on the surface of the board, and can also increase the luster and color of the stone.

2. Unsaturated resin is used for stone repair and reinforcement

What we call the scientific name of unsaturated resin is unsaturated polyester resin. When a linear polymer compound formed by condensation polymerization of saturated or unsaturated dibasic acid and saturated or unsaturated dihydric alcohol is dissolved in mono When the body (usually refers to styrene) becomes a viscous liquid, we call it an unsaturated polyester resin. Unsaturated polyester resin is a kind of thermosetting resin, which can be cured into a polymer network polymer under the action of heat or initiator.

3. Epoxy resin is used in the repair and reinforcement of stone

In view of the shortcomings of unsaturated resins, it has many problems as a stone repair material, which prompts people to look for other materials to make the stone repair and enhancement effect more perfect. With the improvement of the production process and quality of epoxy resin and the continuous innovation of curing materials, it has been used as a relatively scientific and perfect material for stone repair and reinforcement.