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Choose different Stone polishing wax according to stone material

Choose different Stone polishing wax according to stone material

         In the polishing industry, many manufacturers use their own resources and materials to develop different stone polishing products. Different materials have different requirements for polishing. For copper-zinc alloys, stainless steel, tableware and jewelry, each has its own needs. For such high-quality and efficient polishing of materials, it is necessary to select a polishing wax in order to determine a polishing process suitable for itself.

          Polishing wax is a kind of material used for surface treatment. It is more widely classified. It is divided into many types such as red wax, yellow wax, purple wax, white wax, and green wax according to different uses. Different manufacturers are also different. Different materials require Different polishing waxes are used for polishing.

           For example, when polishing stainless steel, purple wax and green wax or green wax are generally used. Because stainless steel is a relatively bright material, the thickness of purple wax can be provided by the user. After the purple wax is thrown, green wax is generally used. The more demanding manufacturers will use green wax to receive light.

           The same is true for stone. Stones of different materials also need to use the corresponding Stone polishing wax, otherwise it is easy to damage the ground.

           For metal jewelry, we use green wax directly for polishing. Metal jewelry is a relatively soft material, and the brightness is very high. We must use high-grade polishing wax-green wax to provide brightness, and use the best fiber Wheels or Bruns are polished.