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Understand the working principle of stone polishing machine.

Understand the working principle of stone polishing machine.

Particle grinding of the stone polishing machine: When the abrasive particles change from coarse grinding to fine grinding and polishing, the grinding marks on the stone surface change from coarse to fine to no visible marks, and the surface becomes smooth, flat and delicate. When the depth reaches 110 microns, the processed surface appears mirror-like luster, radiant, and bright in color.

The particle grinding of a stone polishing machine consists of the following processes:

1. Coarse grinding: the grinding tool is required to have a deep knife, high grinding efficiency, coarse grinding lines, and a rough surface. It mainly removes the saw blade marks left by the product in the previous process and smooths the product. The styling surface is ground in place.

2. Semi-fine grinding: The stone polishing machine removes the rough grinding marks to form new finer lines, and the product processing surface is smooth and smooth.

4. Polishing: The surface of the stone polishing machine is as bright as a mirror, with a certain degree of mirror gloss (above 85 degrees).

The physical and chemical principles of the stone polishing machine: There are two polishing processes, namely "dry polishing and wet polishing". When the polishing stone is between "dry and wet", the physical and chemical effects of the stone product occur, and the dry polishing is at the surface temperature of the stone. The increase causes the moisture to evaporate, resulting in an increase in the concentration of the polishing grindstone, thereby achieving a strengthening effect. The gloss of the product has begun to meet the ideal requirements, and the gloss can reach 85 degrees or higher.